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Sunday Farm

Free Range Pork and Bacon,  half or whole pigs delivered to your door.


  086 125 1200 (Roy)


Sunday Farm produces slow grown Free Range Pork and Bacon. Vegetable and grain fed pork, each half will be portioned, labelled and ready for the freezer.

At Sunday Farm the pigs are kept and fed as you would keep your own.  After being bred on the farm they are kept in low density family groups.  They take around a year to come up to weight.  This is the optimal time, lots of meat which is full of flavour.

All our pigs spend most of their lives outside where they root and wallow,  living the life a pig should. You can see them on our Facebook page. “Sunday farm ireland”.

They are taken to a small family abattoir and processed for you.  This is slow food – they are ready when they are ready- but 100% worth  the wait. 


What do I get and how much is it?

When you buy half a pig you pay for the “dead weight”.  This will be around 40kilos gross weight for the average half pig.  That works out to approx. 5 euro a kilo.

The half side of pig is the processed, portioned the way you want it and labeled, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Will I get 40 kilos of meat?

The weight reduces slightly during processing for two reasons

  1. If the bacon is dry cured it looses weight.
  2. When the joints are rolled the bones are cut out.

How much room will this take up?

The finished product will fill approximately seven carrier bags.

Half a pig in seven carrier bags ready for your freezer.